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Why Liberty University’s Corporate Education Partnership is a Win-Win Solution

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Further training and education has become a popular trend for working employees.

It’s also essential to invest in education to remain competitive in the job market. A variety of universities and large corporations work together to provide further education programs for their employees. Online programs are extremely popular among working professionals who are looking for continuous learning and personal career development. Liberty University’s Corporate Education Partnership is an online program like that.

Basics about the Corporate Education Partnership

Liberty University cooperates with innovative employers and creates the Corporate Education Partnership program, providing accredited online education in the workforce. Since Liberty University Online has more than 115 areas of study subjects, working individuals can choose from a wide array of online degree programs, based on the specific needs of the workforce.

With flexible online course schedules, Liberty University’s Corporate Education Partnership program allows working individuals to learn without sacrificing their work or family obligations. Both employers and employees can take advantages of the convenient yet flexible online program to pursue a higher educational goal.

The Corporate Tuition Assistance program is available for various organizations, such as NASA, the Boeing Company, US Army, US Customs & Boarder Protection and Department of Homeland Security and more. Please contact Liberty University Online if you want to know whether your corporation is eligible for the program.

How employers can benefit from the program?

Once an organization becomes a partner of the Corporate Education Partnership program, various benefits will be available for the employer. First of all, the employees can improve their skills and competency by acquiring new knowledge. Motivated and engaged employees will help strengthen the organization. Without any doubt, strong workforce is vital to the success of all companies.

Under the Liberty University’s Corporate Education Partnership program, corporate partners will receive a Liberty Advantage tuition discount, which is beneficial to both employers and employees. The tuition discount will reduce the financial burdens of employers.

Employers participating in the Liberty University Online’s Corporate Tuition Partnership program will have two financing options to help their employees. The two tuition assistance options can help employees get rid of worries over the costs of earning an online degree via Liberty University Online.

• Standard Tuition Assistance

If a company selects the Standard Tuition Assistance financing option, the employer will have to pay Liberty University Online directly for tuition costs. The company will be required to make payments for the classes within 30 days after receipt of billing. Employers are not encouraged to pay at the end of the term. However, payments are also accepted about one week after the drop deadline of the term in some cases.

With the Standard Tuition Assistance financing option, the employer must make payments to Liberty University regardless of the employee’s academic performance in the course. It means that the employer still has to pay even when the student does not complete the courses.

• Deferred Tuition Reimbursement

Participating employers can also choose the Deferred Tuition Reimbursement financing option. This financing option allows employers to pay the tuition directly to the employee. The student will make payments to Liberty University 30 days after the ending of the term. Employers can ensure that their employees have satisfactory grades while choosing this financing option.

In fact, the two financing options have both similarities and differences. No matter which financing option to choose, it’s the employer who pays the tuition fees for classes taken at Liberty University Online. The only difference is that the employer pays the money directly to the student or Liberty University.

What employees can get from the program?

If you’re working in a company with a partnership with Liberty University Online, what benefits can you enjoy? The Corporate Education Partnership offers various possibilities of online education. You can choose to earn a master’s, bachelor or graduate degree. By enrolling in an online degree program, your skills will be strengthened. Proper online continuous training can also improve and widen your career opportunities.

Since all degree programs at Liberty University Online can be completed totally online, you do not have to give up your current jobs. You have maximum flexibility and freedom while completing all required courses. The program grants unrivalled convenience as you can choose to study at anytime, anywhere you like.

As an employee of a participating corporation of the program, one of the most appealing benefits is that you do not have to pay your tuition fees. Your employer will pay the costs. In the event that your company opts for the Standard Tuition Assistance financing option, the payment will be made directly to Liberty University. The fees have nothing to do with you.

There’s another situation. Some corporations may prefer the Deferred Tuition Reimbursement financing option. Then you’ll receive the money directly and your payment will be deferred until 30 days after the end of your term. You’ll be asked to have an automatic draft processed from your personal checking or credit card account to Liberty University.

When your employer does not offer reimbursement and put the money into your account in time, you still have to pay the scheduled payment. Your bank or credit account will be drafted at the end of the 30 day period even if the money has not been reimbursed by your employer. So you must prepare in advance and your account must have sufficient funds for the payment.

According to Liberty University’s policies, you must deal with the issue of the tuition reimbursement on your own. If you need assistance, please call 434-592-3600 and contact Student Accounts.

In most cases, employers will make arrangements for tuition reimbursement after receiving transcripts of satisfactory grades. Please notice that grades will not be sent to your employer automatically. Instead, you must request grades from Liberty University Online.

However, if your grades for the course do not meet your employer’s requirements, no reimbursement will be given. For example some employers won’t offer a reimbursement of funds if the employee receives a grade of ‘D’ or lower. Then the student still has the responsibility of paying the tuition and other fees that the employer does not pay.

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